Beauty Salon Calls

Beauty Salon Calls

Here is another interesting nationwide campaign that has been working pretty well…

Especially since you can pick up some dirt cheap calls.

Basically it is looking for callers that are seeking local beauty salon services from something as simple as a cut/wash to hair coloring, hair extensions, and other local beauty shop services.

Here are the details…

Coverage: Nationwide

Payment for Converted Lead: $2-$3 with minimum call duration of 2 minutes

M-Sa     7AM to 7PM MST


Compliance Guidelines:

-By applying to this campaign, you agree to promote it in accordance with the PeakJunction Affiliate Terms, which includes our Acceptable Use Policy, and can be viewed here

-By applying to this campaign you confirm and agree that you will not bid on any specific beauty salon/hair styling names (like SuperCuts or SportClips)

-No email traffic without being CAN-SPAM specific

-No legal-aid, or pro bono leads

-No rewards / incentive/ secret shopper calls

-No lead form / co-reg / SMS traffic

-No Voice Drops

Please email your Affiliate Manager if you have any questions about specific Promotional Methods


Targeting Ideas & Suggestions:

-This campaign only accepts calls looking for beauty salons.

This is another one of those campaigns that works best with hyper local geos.

So you want to target zip codes (if you’re using Bing or Adwords) or neighborhoods.

Since the payout on this offer is a little lower, you need to have some cheaper clicks… Or even free clicks.

You want to think about social media targeting… Or YouTube videos… Or Google Display.

There are TONS of hairstyle/hair color/haircut keywords that no one else is targeting.

And target down to the neighborhood/zip code level as well… Think “Centennial” (a Denver suburb) vs Denver itself.

Experiment with some YouTube video ads on long tail keywords  (“3 hair coloring tips Centennial CO”).

And then use a simple video you have created as a social media post driving traffic to your landing page.

Email your Affiliate Manager for a list of the best zip codes/cities for this offer.


PS- Want to see a great example of a local video we did for this campaign? Click HERE