Auto Accident Injury Calls

Auto Accident Injury Calls

We have a nationwide campaign running that is looking for individuals that have been injured in an auto accident and are looking for an attorney to help them with a settlement.

Coverage on this campaign is quite comprehensive… So most calls are being monetized since there is such high demand for these leads.

Here are the details…


Coverage: Nationwide (but highest paying states are CA/FL/GA/TX/AZ/NY/CO/MA/OH/IL)

Payment for Converted Lead: $25-$120 with minimum call duration of 2 minutes

M-F     7AM to 7PM MST


Compliance Guidelines:

-By applying to this campaign, you agree to promote it in accordance with the PeakJunction Affiliate Terms, which includes our Acceptable Use Policy, and can be viewed here

-By applying to this campaign you confirm and agree that you will not bid on any specific law firm names or individual lawyers.

-No legal-aid, or pro bono leads

-No email traffic without being CAN-SPAM specific

-No rewards / incentive/ secret shopper calls

-No lead form / co-reg / SMS traffic

-No Voice Drops

Please email your Affiliate Manager if you have any questions about specific Promotional Methods


Targeting Ideas & Suggestions:

-This campaign only accepts calls looking for an auto accident attorney. All other legal calls should be routed to a different campaign.

This is another one of those campaigns that works best with hyper local geos.

So you want to target “auto accident lawyer Kansas City” rather than “Missouri”.

Adwords, Bing Ads, native ads, Google Display Network, even YouTube videos are great for this campaign…

And you can adjust your bids upwards since the payouts and coverage on this campaign are so high.