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We concentrate on the highest converting offers, and the largest coverage with our proprietary ping/post call routing system. Whether we have one buyer, or 100 buyers for a certain offer, our system will ping call the buyers we have for your call. Then route the call not just to the highest payer, but the highest converting buyer. We have seen many offers tease you with a super high payout, only to convert 1-200 calls. Many of our offers convert at 50-60% or higher with the call traffic we personally send.

We have created "backstop" buyers for almost all our offers. We know it takes time, and many times money for you to generate your calls. And there is nothing worse than have a caller miss a zip code, press the wrong IVR key, or just not read your ad at all and call in for something completely different than the offer describes. We DO NOT just hang up on these callers! We have relationships with large national corporations that we sent these calls to so you can get paid on every ... single ... call you send us.

Peak Junction is looking for experienced affiliates that already have a track record in generating calls with high quality, and intent. Each of our dedicated affiliate managers have over 15 years in the industry, and are there for you so you can truly maximize your profits.

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