Pest Control Calls

Pest Control Calls

We have a strong nationwide campaign that is looking for homeowners seeking local pest control companies.

Pretty much all pests are included… Wasps, bees, rodents (mice, squirrels, etc), cockroaches, etc.

Get the details below…


Coverage: Nationwide

Payment for Converted Lead: $6 with minimum call duration of 2 minutes

M-F     7AM to 7PM MST


Compliance Guidelines:

-By applying to this campaign, you agree to promote it in accordance with the PeakJunction Affiliate Terms, which includes our Acceptable Use Policy, and can be viewed here

-By applying to this campaign you confirm and agree that you will not bid on any specific pest control company names (like Terminex or Orkin)

-No email traffic without being CAN-SPAM specific

-No rewards / incentive/ secret shopper traffic

-No lead form / co-reg / SMS traffic

-No Voice Drops

Please speak with the Sales Team if you have any questions about specific Promotional Methods


Targeting Ideas & Suggestions:

-This campaign only accepts calls looking for homeowners… renters will probably call their landlord anyways to report a pest control problem.

This campaign is killing it with native ads on mobile devices. And Adwords & Bing Ads as well.

However, get really granular with your targeting. Most native ad networks allow you to target down to city… For example Tucson, rather than Arizona.

And individual pest names means cheap calls…

In other words, don’t target generically like “pests”; target “cockroaches” or “mice” instead..

Do a little research, and see what is the most common pest in individual cities.

For example, Tucson & bees/wasps. Dallas & cockroaches. Phoenix & scorpions…

A simple mobile lander with a some bullet points and a “Tap Here To Call” button works great.